08 09/2015

Safe magnetic door holder

Like other types of door stop holders, magnetic door holder can hold the door in a certain position. It keeps your house quiet and prevents your children from damaged.

Magnetic door holder can hold the door in a certain position

Magnetic door holder can hold the door in a certain position

Magnetic door holder is commonly known by the name "magnetic door stop". This product is made from two magnetic parts, one part is mounted on the floor (or in any position you want), one is installed on the door. It fixed a door gently by gravity from two parts.


Magnetic door holder is commonly known by the name "magnetic door stop"

How to choose magnetic door holder?

Although magnetic door holder is simple and easy to install, you should pay attention to the information below

-          Material: magnetic door holder is usually made from inox, atiomon because of its substantial material.

-          Magnetic: a high magnetic door holder can keep the door closely even it is strong windy.

-   Design: the magnetic door holder should be matched with architect and the size of the door.

-    Color: so diversify like bright white, glossy yellow, brown....

Magnetic door holder is usually made from inox, atiomon because of its substantial material

Magnetic door holder is usually made from inox, atiomon because of its substantial material

How to install magnetic door holder?

With simple installation, the magnetic door holder can keep your house and family away from damage.

Please watch video below for more installation information.

Minh Trang - Vinahardware

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