08 09/2015

What is magnetic door holder ???

Nowadays people increasingly intend to use safe products in daily life. That’s why the magnetic door holder becomes more and more popular. People like it because of its convenience and simple installation.

Inox magnetic door holder

Inox magnetic door holder

What is magnetic door holder?

Magnetic door holder is a tool holding the door in fixed position. It’s used to avoid the door’s collision, so it also does not make noise and injury. Magnetic door holder is usually installed in windy places such as condominiums or young children’s home.

Magnetic door holder is a tool holding the door in fixed position

Magnetic door holder is a tool holding the door in fixed position

Magnetic door holder function

As you see, magnetic door holder can be used to:

- Protect and maintain the life of the door, avoid door-broken.

- Protect wall from the impact of the door.

- Avoid making noise, keep your house quiet, especially when you have elderly people and young children at home.

- Keep the door’s accessories such as hinges, locks away from damage.

- Especially, magnetic door holder protects people from being damaged.

Magnetic door holder protects people from being damaged.

Magnetic door holder protects people from being damaged.

Types of magnetic door holders 

Currently there are many kinds of popular magnetic door holders:

- Magnetic door holder.

- Horseshoe door holder

- …

Please watch video below for more information about the types of magnetic door holders:

Advantage of magnetic door holder

Advantage of magnetic door holder is convenience and easy installation in many positions.  Moreover, you can choose appropriate type of magnetic door holders together with your house’s architecture. If your house is located in windy places and you want to keep your family safe, don’t hesitate to install a magnetic door holder now!

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