Vinahardware pursue the goal of becoming supplier of quality wood fittings and quick. Therefore we chose the slogan "Vinahardware - Fast and good" as the basis for the construction and development companies.


In short, Vinahardware want to ensure supply of quality products, stable optimum prices for the domestic market.

In the longer term, Vinahardware will mobilize resources to expand the scale of production, targeting the international market, providing domestic and foreign customers are not only accessories wood but also other products in many fields more diverse areas.


Pleasing customers with quality products and professional services are the basic task and the most important of Vinahardware. Moreover, Vinahardware desire to fulfill its mission to bring a comfortable life, modern and safer from those products of the timber industry in particular fittings and other areas where the company will develop in the future general.

Brand value and social benefits, and the two factors that Vinahardware always strive to preserve and build. The company's wood industry accessories we get called Vinahardware with the desire to create a brand "hardware" Vietnam's prestige and quality. In parallel, Vinahardware understand that business profits are factors that any business that wants to reach, but the social values ​​and business ethics is the driver invisible but have a range special influence on the survival and development of each company. Because there is benefit in some way to the community, the society, the brand value and customer support for truly sustainable Vinahardware.

In order to create products with high precision and absolute quality, Vinahardware take the hard work and creativity as a guiding its activities. To be flexible in production, bringing a more diverse products to customers, we are always ready to expand cooperation with partners based on equality, respect of interests between the two sides.

Concludes his introduction, we committed was, is and will always work hard and constantly creative to brand Vinahardware become the first choice of any customer when necessary using the the "hardware" quality!